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bouchontry copyPeople enjoy spending hours on social media yet loathe standing in line. From their smartphones, tablets and laptops, consumers have created a virtual community of trusted relationships to gather instant information to support them in making well-informed purchasing decisions. How influential is this sphere?

81% of US respondents indicated that friends’ social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision (Forbes)

How do you become part of that crucial sphere of influence? By creating meaningful and memorable experiences with your customers, and motivating them to share their experiences within their online communities.

  • Turn “frustration” into opportunities for customer enlightenment. For example, AEP is currently transforming the way we consume an invisible vital commodity, into one we purchase proactively, through smart phone apps and “smart” appliances. To change us from passive to proactive consumers, AEP asked for help in placing blog posts to educate consumers, linking to AEP explanatory videos, where readers learn how to change the paradigm and lower their energy costs.
  • The US Navy Military Sealift CommandUnion Gas,  Owens Corning, and Tetley are using technology to  make them customer responsive, agile and profitable.
  • When the new USDA food guidelines were released, Country Crock® seized the opportunity to reveal how their products help meet the new “healthier fats” requirement. After illuminating the new guidelines, readers were asked to post their own versions of their own healthy recipes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • As federal money funneled to America’s park shriveled, Coca-Cola teamed up with the National Park Foundation to give grant money to fund these parks, challenging Americans share their  favorite American park memories through blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates.

Let Plumbline help you create social media programs that amplify the awareness of your brand, while leveraging the power of your social media supporters.

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