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August 23, 2015

Become The Hero In Your Own Story


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What I’ve learned in my years of coaching is that once people start consciously listening to their own stories and putting them into perspective, they suddenly have more energy and motivation to do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing, but thought they never could.

People come to me for four reasons:

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Everyone deserves a happy ending…


One hundred forty four minutes slip through our fingers in one twenty-four hour day. Why is it, then, when we are asked to account for our time, we feel as if we’ve wasted it?

What does productivity really mean?

You’ve scaled back. Cut things out. Simplified, de-cluttered and trimmed. There’s Pomodoro, Eat The Frog, Remember the Milk and Rescue Time…and still — there isn’t enough time.

What’s left to cut?

The problem isn’t that you didn’t have enough time today – but that you simply didn’t dwell in the seconds you were given.

What if you cut out the time you spend trying to “decrease” and found a way to “increase” instead?

One hundred forty four minutes is enough… you just need to learn how to expand and fully live in the minutes you have been given.

Your own internal navigation system, an inner compass, can move you to a place of inner balance. From there, you can live without worry, without chaos; without confusion. When your values and desires are realigned, you’ll not only learn to live more richly with the time you have, but you’ll radiate strength to everyone in your life.



A life without limits? This isn’t as easy as it looks. Nothing worth doing ever is. Living a life with no regrets? Really, really hard.

So, you’ll start to make excuses to explain why you’re not doing what you want to be doing; why you’re not at the places you want to be; about why you feel so frustrated at the end of the day.
This is how stories are born. The wrong ones. The ones that slip so naturally into your mind, your words, your choices.

You start living them out, playing the part. You start living the wrong story. You start to believe the wrong story.

What if you wrote an ending to that chapter, and started writing a new one, instead? What if you could recover your fairy-tale? The one with the happily-ever-after ending?


If you want to know what happiness feels like, simply look through that nostalgic lens of the past. Remember? Life was simpler? You had everything you needed… and you didn’t even know it.

Your happiness affects everything and everyone you love. The way you feel affects how you raise your children, the friendships you form, the way you treat people, your productivity, and your success in every area of your life.

Happiness changes the way you love people.

It’s time we started making happiness a priority.

Instead, you believe that happiness is a rare and precious gift; reserved for the few, the lucky; the ones who checked off everything off the to-do list.

You’re smart enough to know it’s not the “things” that could make you happy; and you know the difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is fleeting and joy has permanence. Joy is that effervescence that keeps you buoyant on rainy days, perky when the milk spills, and calm when your account is hacked.

Are you keeping that Gratitude Journal? Or did it just get lost with those other books you’re supposed to be reading… the books that promise to change you?

Maybe you aren’t unhappy at all; maybe you’re just tired. Exhausted from the effort of reading from a script you were never meant to live. You’ve given the best of what you have to a story that’s not yours.

That’s why you keep looking over your shoulder, trying to see what was right back there; looking for that place where you had it all, and wondering how you got so lost.

All you need to do is simply turn the page. The key to happiness is to stop looking backwards and start living the story you wish you were living.. the story you were made for.

It’s time to turn the dust from your life into stardust and find the story you were meant to live.

When we’re happy, we make it possible for those we love to get there too.


You were the one that handled the rainstorms, embraced the sunny days, and lived fully in the present. You chose the safe route. You even fell in love, and of course, there were fortunes to be made.

You know those dreams and aspirations? The ones that got lost in the shuffle? They vanished; slipped through your fingers. Wisely, (you’re idea, not mine), you tell yourself it’s too late; they are too far gone.

After all, you’re all grown up now. You have everything you need. No regrets.

How long do you think you can keep this up?

In the midst of the rainstorm, do you wonder if you have enough left of yourself to see you through?

It’s only natural to wonder if there is a way out. Where will the future lead?

You are already spending your hard-earned energy on a quest; only it’s the wrong quest.

What if instead, you decided that those old dreams and aspirations were as real as your coffee mug? What if you decided they were primal whispers from your soul telling you that that was quest you were meant for; the story you left behind. What if you’re the only one who is equipped to do them; that you were created to do them?
All it takes is a choice. Only you can give yourself the permission you need to live out your real soul-inspired story.


You know that little voice? The one that wakes you up at 2 am? It’s your story. It’s the one that plays in your head when you’re waiting on the red light, the line at the grocery store.

This is the story you try to block out by turning on the music, or the TV, just to have background noise. This is not the story you dreamed of years ago, but it’s the one you’re actually living. This is the one that runs your life, the one that controls the people you meet, what you say, the invitations you decline, the clothes you wear, and even the food you eat.

The dream house, vacation and ideal job that were supposed to fulfill you, didn’t. Because, beneath the clothes, and the self-help books, is a routine that drains you. It depletes your energy to atrophy and procrastination. It robs you of your ability to make decisions, because it is based on the choices you were supposed to make, not the ones you wanted to make.

The safe route, the one that allowed you to accommodate everyone else, beyond what was reasonable, has paralyzed, and fleeced you.

Your story has stopped working.

Put simply, if you were going to start over, you would want to write a story that would give you more opportunities to slow down, to make memories and live richly; to spend more time basking in the luxuries of what makes you happy.

And this story would allow you to bring new inspiration and energy to everyone you meet. This story would naturally flow from a place of freedom rather than a place of fear.

That’s the story you would write.
That’s the story you can write.

If you are too busy running away from your story, drowning out the script, and playing a role you were never meant to play, let me help you rewrite your script.

Your story doesn’t have to be over; all you need is a little help in turning the page…