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Social Media’s Impact

Sixty three percent of companies using social media say it has increased their marketing effectiveness. And no wonder! Today, using social media to generate more traffic and new leads has become an indispensable part of businesses’ marketing mix.

“Social media connects us to each other. News and entertainment seen on TV travels like the wind across all types of social platforms. Rather than sharing news with just one or two friends, groups the size of countries can benefit from the information. You can access news programming to share from around the world with satellite television which you can often find through dealer websites, like

There are many different uses of social media and the various sites show that not all people come to social media for the same reason. Some want to just connect with their best friends who live across town. Others may be looking to know what’s going on in politics or with celebrities. The options are endless, the boundaries are expanding and social media is growing like it never has before. ” From the Las Vegas Reviews Journal

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