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Social Media in a 24×7 World

24domain1 copyYour customers are connected 24×7 to tweets, status updates, fresh news and blog content. The social media wheels never stop turning. How can you possibly feed the constant demands of the social media engine?

The key is not to re-invent the wheel, but to re-invent what you already have and put it back to work in the social media engine.

A single piece of compelling content can drive your entire social media machine — if it is timeless, informative, entertaining and valuable. Each and every line from a timeless story can be re-purposed to meet the requirements of a variety of social platforms, brochures, customer success stories, white papers, and webinars.

Success Stories

  • Pelotonia: Peletonia’s blog is updated all year long with a continuous flow of rider profiles, and donation updates. In the summer, as riders need an extra push of motivation to compel them to join the ride, an article was published in Columbus Monthly, about a  rider who overcame a life altering crash.
  • CPAid: A client had just created an innovative accounting tax software program. Just months before peak tax season,  National Public Accountant, a monthly trade publication,  was looking for a article to fill its pages. The client presented his article, How To Select Tax Software, and the magazine enthusiastically published that article on the front cover. Reprints of the article were sent to prospects, while copy from the brochure was used in message points for industry interviews, brochures, and trade show promotions.
  • Sterling Commerce: Use your arsenal of customer success stories, (Trade CompassBooknetLechters HousewaresInput/Output), to create a tour, convincing analysts at Gartner Group, Red Herring and Information Week to write opinions and change the entire perception of the industry.

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