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Susan J. Owens: Digital Media Strategist and Writer.



AEP is currently transforming the way we consume an invisible vital commodity, into one we purchase proactively, through smart phone apps and “smart” appliances. To transform the customer from passive to proactive consumers, AEP asked for help in placing blog posts to educate consumers, linking to AEP videos where readers learn how to change the paradigm and lower their energy costs.

601146_437773576299081_425269129_nInsurance agents were snapping their books shut, and refusing to travel to take one more professional development seminar.  Why would they, when other state associations were offering the same courses on-line? Course revenue was dropping, and membership was at stake. Plumbline1 conducted a cost and feasibility analysis of online web training programs to determine the best option for Ohio PIA’s 1,500 agents.  Today, insurance agents can visit the PIA website to renew membership, customize a professional development path, register and complete licensing courses, and earn certificates to propel their careers.

64269_599946803355680_769446754_nSince 1857, The Cincinnati Academy of Medicine has been the only professional advocacy group for physicians working in Hamilton County. The Academy is a voice for physicians on legislative and reimbursement issues that directly impact the lives of their members, and advancement in the care for their patients.  As physicians increasingly turn to their smart phones with apps to manage patient care, The Academy of Medicine stepped up to create a social media network to keep physicians informed of breaking health care reform updates,  legislative issues and as a way to link physicians with other physicians and the community. Surveys were conducted to determine where members spend their time online, where they are currently getting news and updates, and how information is shared between doctors.


Plumbline1 works collaboratively with the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and board members of the Stefanie Spielman Tailgate to build a social media campaign to raise funds for an annual event. The goal of this event is to raise enough funds to present researchers at The James with equipment that will aid in the treatment and cure for breast cancer.

LogoHomeBuilding on the success they had already achieved in satisfying customers in the demanding, competitive auto industry, GenCorp created a series of customer success stories, using them as the platform to build their marketing literature, including trade show literature, brochures, newsletters and media tour discussion points.

CPAid developed a brand new tax-software product, designed to make life more manageable for bleary-eyed accounts during peak tax season. However, the roll-out came just two months before tax season. CPAid needed exposure quickly. Plumbline1 gave CPAid the exposure and credibility the company needed to successfully launch this product by landing a byline article, from CPAid’s president, just six weeks before tax software accounts were making their purchasing decision for the upcoming tax season.

roseheader3Life blogger at susiej. Owner, writer and photographer.  Generates 20,000 monthly visitors, earning sponsorships from Disney, LG, Kelloggs, GE, Gatorade, ABC, EA Sports Active, Newman’s Own and V8. Many of her posts have been featured on LifeHacker, TipNut, Apartment Therapy, Rookie Moms, Stroller Derby, and Blog Nosh.

Tout_1_v21104-288518The more you move, the more it works. This was the science behind the Degree™ Motion Sense Technology release. Degree approached Plumbline1 to educate women about the protection of their products, encourage women to get the courage to do more physical activity, and to create an online community where they could share their adventures. By using regional blogs to promote a “move challenge,” readers learned how to log their “miles” into the Do:More Facebook page, to earn points for discounts on Degree products. Within two months, the zero likes on the brand new Do:More Facebook page jumped to 900,000.


The America Is Your Park campaign is a pathway for Coca- Cola to engage individuals in collaborative efforts to bring needed funds to America’s national parks. Since the campaign began in 2010, Coca-Cola has donated more than $1 million in recreation grants to provide needed repairs, new equipment and infrastructure to our park system.  Coca-Cola worked with Plumbline1 to allow bloggers to select a favorite park in Ohio, as Coca-Cola supplied the “party.”  The blog invited readers to create their own party at the park, by registering at and linking their foursquare and MapMyFitness accounts.

LogoText-White-2Developed trade media relations program for Hobart, Inc., writing customer success stories, and placing byline article in the Welding Journal.

Travel blogger for Discovering Ohio.

When health care costs were sky rocketing, employers expected paychecks to shrink as health insurance premiums took a growing chunk out of the weekly take-home pay. At the same time, the standard employee health care benefits were diminishing.  The analysts at Accelerated Benefits were quietly looking through the books, uncovering valuable discounts for their clients. Plumbline1 collaborated with Accelerated Benefits clients to create a success story initiative that portrayed the hero of the story. By carefully scrutinizing pricing contracts, premium deadlines Accelerated Benefit’s clients were able to control costs, and improve benefits, without resorting to the typical broker strategy of changing plan designs and carriers.  Accelerated Benefits stopped a spiral of escalating health care premiums, without a decline in benefits.

When the new USDA food guidelines were released, Country Crock, seized the opportunity to reveal how their products help meet the new healthier fats requirement. After illuminating readers were asked to post their own versions of their own healthy recipes on Facebook and Twitter.

GMCWhen Green Mountain Coffee wanted customers to spend more money on Fair Trade Coffee, blog posts explained why.

324-17961ge-ge-lighting-logoHow do you get families to invest in GE energy smart LED light bulbs? Pull their heart strings.

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A bowl of cereal is more than a quick breakfast on the run. Over a period of six weeks, Kellogg’s used blog stories to educate consumers on the nutritional information about their cereals. inviting them to share their breakfast with kids in need on Facebook.

downloadSterling Commerce had just introduced Gentran electronic data interchange software, entering a space already filled with leading EDI software vendors including SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft. Sterling Commerce needed credibility a path to reveal their successes to industry analysts. Plumbline1 created and managed a national media relations strategy and media tour to introduce Gentran to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Forrester, EMA, and trade writers at Red HerringInformation Week. 


When America’s backyard bicycle company decided to gather some of the best aeronautical scientist to create a bike, the Huffy $8000 Triton was born. This bike gathered quite a bit of resistance. Plumbline1 worked to create media placements in Fortune, Robb Report, PB, and M Magazine.