Bring Your Brand to Life

Through the Power of Story

Need Help Transforming Your Dry, Data-Driven Product Sheets?

Customer stories are an art form. They are irresistible to customers and editors. 

I write customer stories that drive sales, and appear in national magazines and trade publications. Today, one is even published in an engineering text book. 

Emotion is the key ingredient that revitalizes dry, data-driven product sheets into memorable, transformative pages that will lift the sales needle.

The key, however, lies in organization – specifically, where you put the characters in your story. Too often businesses assume that their products and services are the hero. Your customer wants to be the hero – so let him be the hero. That’s your job, essentially, isn’t it? Throughout the sales cycle, to let your customer win?

Your products and services are the mentor, the magic elixir that helps your hero solve a problem. The arc of your story should follow a journey from challenge, transformation and success, in a collaborative effort. (For a step-by-step story building worksheet, click here.) In essence, what will make your story significant to your prospect is how well you reveal how your customer was transformed by doing business with you.

Strong brands are built upon great experiences with products and services. You have those stories. It’s time to unearth them, give them life and formally reveal them on the pages of your website.

This is why I created Plumbline1.  View my Portfolio Here. To learn more, you can see my customer testimonials here.

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