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Through the Power of Story

How Can You Harness the Power of Social Media?

The key is to understand that social media is ultimately about stories; social media provides the perfect platform to share stories.

Susan Owens builds and transforms your success stories into unique, pervasive, and powerful social media assets to ensure your audience discovers, engages with, and is inspired to action. To be successful, the message needs to be carefully and thoughtfully constructed so that it has meaning and value—the story must entertain, inform and inspire.

24×7. How do you feed the never-ending social media machine?

Susan Owens helps clients strategize which channels to focus on, which audiences to reach, while tailoring social media content to match the platform. Social Media is never static. There is always the process of fine-tuning the content and the platform to optimize the program based on the results and engagement we see.

Look at some examples of how Susan helps her clients build a strong sustainable community through social media.


Stef’s Celebrate Life Tailgate

imageStef’s Celebrate Life Tailgate brings the funds needed to support the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center(SSCBC) to understand, treat and cure breast cancer.  The challenge was to find a way to sustain the tailgate’s momentum throughout the year, while extending awareness of the tailgate beyond Upper Arlington. Susan began by building content around the tailgate’s key milestones that occur throughout the year, focusing on key areas: event plans, updates from Drs. Farrar and White about the tangible benefits of the funds, and news about donations.

To execute the plan, Susan oversaw a stunning website re-design that included a versatile blogging platform. Each story begins with a blog post that serves as a social media anchor to launch Mail Chimp newsletters, Facebook and Twitter updates. The first year the plan was implemented, the tailgate saw an increase of 25%.


The Academy of  Medicine of Cincinnati

Since 1857, The Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati has been the only professional advocacy group for physicians working in Hamilton County. Increasingly, their member physicians were turning to their smart phones, downloading apps to manage patient care. With no mobile-or social media platform in place, the Academy wanted to serve their members where they already were: their phones. Susan helped to create a mobile voice for the Academy. First, surveys were conducted to determine where members spent their time online, where they were currently getting news and updates, and what information they wanted to share, and with whom.

The key findings revealed that physicians were more interested in using social media as a way to interact with other physicians on peer-related reviews, research findings, health care reform and legislative issues. This allowed the Academy to build a peer-generated social media platform with key content that focused on their needs, ultimately positioning the Academy as their information partner.  The result was a social media network that supports member physicians in their quest to quickly stay informed of breaking health care reform updates, legislative issues and connecting them with other physicians. 




With GPS navigation tools available in cars and Google Maps on mobile phones, AAA needed a way to show its value to its members. Susan was engaged to show AAA’s value, positioning them as a safety and information resource, and a valuable partner for young drivers. Susan conducted keyword research to find out what prospects were searching for in the area of auto safety. Several categories appeared, including booster-seat guidelines, teen driving, winter driving and road safety. Using this data, Susan created stories that appealed to parent’s need for information, while weaving emotional aspects of safety into the stories. Toddler seat selection was combined with the proposition about whether time-saving carpools were safe. Teen driving became a story about the gift of quality time spent with your teen. Weather reports were translated into safe driving tips. Reader engagement was created through contests and Facebook updates. In Ohio, the stories reached over 68,000 viewers in on month.



Neoprobe is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of precision diagnostics and radiopharmaceutical agents. Neoprobe is actively involved in clinical trials for the RIGScanTM CR – to help identify the sites and pathways of undetected disease.  The challenge was to manage the flow of information regarding clinical trials, complying with government mandates, while keeping stockholders, analysts and doctors informed about the latest results and innovations of the company.

With no formal media relations strategy in place, Susan helped to implement a proactive communications strategy, shifting the focus to highlight Neoprobe’s growth and innovation.  At the forefront was a crisis communication plan, along with media training, to prepare executives for interviews regarding less-than-favorable clinical trial results.  This proactive approach highlighted Neoprobe’s positive impact on shareholder return by focusing on the company’s success at bringing to market novel radiopharmaceutical agents, and advancing the company’s pipeline through acquisitions, global partnering and commercialization efforts.




Pelotonia’s blog is updated all year long with a continuous flow of rider profiles, and donation updates. In the summer, as riders need an extra push of motivation to compel them to join the ride, Susan was asked to select one story that would entice the attention of the local media. The result was an inspiring story about Alex Pratt, who overcame his fear of riding after a life-altering crash. The article appeared in Columbus Monthly.


The America Is Your Park campaign is a pathway for Coca- Cola to engage individuals in collaborative efforts to bring needed funds to America’s national parks. Since the campaign began in 2010, Coca-Cola has donated more than $1 million in recreation grants to provide needed repairs, new equipment and infrastructure to our park system. Coca-Cola worked with Susan and select bloggers to select a favorite park in Ohio, inviting readers to create their own party at the park. Participants registered at and linking their foursquare and MapMyFitness accounts. People logged daily fitness activities, attended field day events, and went outdoors to visit their local parks. Social media accounts logged more than 72,000 hours of activity and more than 1.4 million votes. 




The more you move, the more it works. This was the science behind the Degree™ Motion Sense Technology release. Degree approached Susan to help create a campaign to educate women about the protection of their products, inspiring women to do more physical activity, and to create an online community where they could share their adventures. The Do:More challenge is about passion, dedication and defying the odds. By using regional blogs to promote a “move challenge,” readers learned how to log their “miles” into the Do:More Facebook page, to earn points for discounts on Degree products. Within two months, the zero likes on the Do:More Facebook page jumped to 900,000. In addition, the stories appear on the Degree blog, under the banner, “Meet the people who didn’t let anything hold them back,” with stories about the first time parachuting, mountain climbing or skiing. Long established as the celebrity antiperspirant company, this social media campaign effectively positioned the company as the everyday woman’s company that inspires women to do more. 

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