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Through the Power of Story

But, It Worked in the Past

“Why isn’t this working?”

When your client or the internal financial department asks this crucial question, what will your answer be? Yes, the economy hasĀ  made growth more challenging in recent years. But that answer will only do for so long.

The real reason may be that one or more of the foundations that support a growing membership marketing program has gone missing at your association.

What are your foundations? The foundation that carried you two years ago no longer works today. You may have a solid marketing strategy… but only tracking and research can reveal how much of your program is making difference. Even with well-run programs, the variance in results between the best and the worst marketing effort can be 1,000 percent or more, depending on timing, copy, lists, offers, and marketing channels. Carefully measuring results allows the proper allocation of marketing funds and best return for each dollar spent

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