Bring Your Brand to Life

Through the Power of Story

The Fast Track to Web Credibility

You want a first-time visitor to your blog to have plenty of well-organized and targeted content to dive into. Where can you find it? How long will it take to build an archive of material?

Mine Your Past
Before making your blog public, look around at what you already have for some great foundational pieces you can use to build your on-line library. Do you have a power point presentation that can be converted into a post? How about a white paper than can be broken into a series? This type of content is unique and valuable to customers, and prospective customers because it helps them see where your product or services fits into their larger business context. This is your chance to show readers how you can make a true return on their investment, and ultimately, be perceived as valuable to their bottom line.

Case Histories are ready-made success stories sitting as a prime target for your web content. Make contact with the client to find out what’s changed since you last visited the client? Are there new successes? Are there new challenges that need your attention. Blogs are dynamic, and the ability to provide fresh, live content is what will make your web site compelling, and informational. It’s one thing to publish a case history; it’s another to provide an honest assessment of where the success story is today — and how you plan to continue serving your customer.

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