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Author: Susan

Your Best Marketing Channel

bouchontry copyPeople enjoy spending hours on social media yet loathe standing in line. From their smartphones, tablets and laptops, consumers have created a virtual community of trusted relationships to gather instant information to support them in making well-informed purchasing decisions. How influential is this sphere?

81% of US respondents indicated that friends’ social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision (Forbes)

How do you become part of that crucial sphere of influence? By creating meaningful and memorable experiences with your customers, and motivating them to share their experiences within their online communities.

  • Turn “frustration” into opportunities for customer enlightenment. For example, AEP is currently transforming the way we consume an invisible vital commodity, into one we purchase proactively, through smart phone apps and “smart” appliances. To change us from passive to proactive consumers, AEP asked for help in placing blog posts to educate consumers, linking to AEP explanatory videos, where readers learn how to change the paradigm and lower their energy costs.
  • The US Navy Military Sealift CommandUnion Gas,  Owens Corning, and Tetley are using technology to  make them customer responsive, agile and profitable.
  • When the new USDA food guidelines were released, Country Crock® seized the opportunity to reveal how their products help meet the new “healthier fats” requirement. After illuminating the new guidelines, readers were asked to post their own versions of their own healthy recipes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • As federal money funneled to America’s park shriveled, Coca-Cola teamed up with the National Park Foundation to give grant money to fund these parks, challenging Americans share their  favorite American park memories through blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates.

Let Plumbline help you create social media programs that amplify the awareness of your brand, while leveraging the power of your social media supporters.

Social Media 24×7

Tweets, status updates, fresh news and blog content. How can you possibly feed the constant demands of the social media engine? With timeless content, Plumbline1 can transform a single piece of content to drive your entire social media machine. Contact Plumbline1 here.

Fresh, Compelling Content

The idea of publishing a regular blog may be intimidating, but know that businesses with blogs receive six times more leads than those without. (HubSpot). You may not see it, but there is a story worth sharing unfolding in your business everyday. Maybe you’re too close to the daily grind to see it.

Let Plumbline help you find your news and turn it into a story worth sharing. Whether it is a blog post, a video, a tweet or a status update, let us creatively transform the assets and resources you already have into content that inspires your customers and prospects to act.

Success Stories

Blog posts are the pillar of your social media program, giving you the chance to position your business as a thought leader, while leading Google searchers to your website. Let Plumbline help you uncover your hidden stories, and write them in a creative, informative and insightful way.  Contact Us


Stories That Drive Business

Fresh, informative, creative content is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. But how do you create the kind of content that’s really going to break through the clutter and drive actual business?

With fresh, creative and compelling content.

Customers are searching, online, for valuable information to help them make purchasing decisions. Social networks influence nearly 50% of all IT decision makers (LinkedIn), and 78% of respondents said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (Forbes).

For over 20 years, Plumbline has been helping Fortune 100 and 500 businesses create stories connect with the customer to engage dialogue, build excitement and establish credibility. Using the resources and assets you already have, Plumbline can help you create a strategy and sustainable social media plan.

Success Stories

    • Cincinnati Academy of Medicine: Doctors were actively using social media to voice their opinions about healthcare reform. The Cincinnati Academy of Medicine used their existing newsletter to launch their social media presence, using their current news stories, special events, and giving acknowledgement to doctors for a job well done.
    • GenCorp: Building on the success they had already achieved in satisfying customers in the demanding, competitive auto industry, GenCorp created a series of customer success stories, using them as the platform to build their marketing literature, including trade show literature, brochures, newsletters and media tour discussion points.
    • Hobart: Hobart Welders provided more than welding for the New Comisky park; they helped preserve memories.
    • Sterling Commerce: The US Navy Military Sealift CommandUnion Gas,  Owens Corning, and Tetley are using technology to  make them more customer responsive, agile and profitable.

Plumbline1 shifts the focus on your customer, bringing your stories to life. Let’s get started. Contact Plumbline1 here.

Let Plumbline help you create stories that drive business. Contact Us