You deserve to have a personal brand that serves as a gateway to your true work.

This is My Goal:

To ensure people think of YOU when they think of your field.

How Will We Do This?

          • Create a cohesive brand message around the value that you bring to your organization, the community and your industry.
          • Select the social platforms that give you an exceptionally effective way to broadcast who you are to your target market quickly and efficiently.
          • Define your niche audience and target your message points and keywords.
          • Identify keynote speaking opportunities.
          • Put your content in front of online influencers and editors.
          • Ensure that you can connect digitally with thought leaders and influencers in your industry, as they see you as the strategic thinker to add insights to industry problems.

How it Works
You can email me directly, or if you can pay online, and I will then schedule your first coaching call.
Contact me with any questions.

Terms of service.

    • $300
    • Basic Branding Package
    • Create Your Mission Statement
    • Develop Message Points
    • Identify your target market
    • Identify and optimize appropriate social media profiles
    • Claim Vanity urls
    • Reading list of relevant books and trade publications
    • $800
    • Executive Status
    • Includes Basic Branding Package Plus:
    • Planning a proactive and feasible publishing schedule
    • The creation of one key-word optimized article designed to highlight the area of expertise that you wish to showcase in your social media profile.
    • $2000
    • Executive Branding
    • Most Power and Impact: Includes Basic and Executive Plus:
    • Complete Personalized Executive Brand Strategy solution that includes
    • 10 Hours of private consultation and strategy, and peer interviews
    • SEO keyword blueprint to use for optimized content
    • Three authority articles to be published on selected social media outlet
    • Positioning statement to match your professional branding profile
    • Pitch Text for you to use to distribute your content across your network

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